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Welcome to Sarasota Cal Ripken Baseball League,  where our kids learn to love America's favorite pastime!


Kids ages 5 to 12 can be part of this exciting league, which starts youngsters off with baseball fundamentals and gradually provides experience in strategy, teamwork, and healthy competition.


Sarasota Cal Ripken holds a spring season, a fall season, and several annual tournaments. The league also hosts social events and fundraisers year-round.


Local businesses are encouraged to support the league’s eight teams as sponsors and will have their names emblazoned across the uniforms and hats of one of Sarasota Cal Ripken’s eight teams.


All games are played at either the Youth Athletic Complex/Cal Ripken Baseball League Fields, 2810 17th St., Sarasota, or Heritage Harbor fields in north Sarasota. For more information, peruse our website, or call 941-955-5051.


To download sponsor forms, visit our Document Center.

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